Shypy,.com !

I recently bought a new domain and got a webhost.
So now I have a wordpress blog, and have officially made the move.
Hope you like it! Suggestions are welcome. :)


Just like any other project, I'm 3 days into it and phshhh...
This time though I do have a valid excuse - My exams are going on.

I'm looking at buying a domain now will be back in mid - july(engineering exams are loooong).
Thanks to my 1 feed reader for being patient with me.

Hope to see you soon,


How I improved my Technorati Ranking by 2,000,000 in 24 hours

My blog is worth $1,693.62.

How much is your blog worth?

These are the words that a technorati affiliate uses to describe EasyHacks, a blog whose first post was published merely 24 hours ago. This is not a joke or an HTML modification - you can verify it yourself here.

Imagine - a free blog, with 3 posts, which has not even been indexed by Google yet and, as I said earlier, is 1 day old, worth USD 1693! I could beat Mr. Chow if I carried on at this rate :p

Obviously their system is nowhere near perfect, but I would like to think that it reflects this blog's potential ;) and motivates me a lot.

So how did I make this happen? And before i forget, I managed to move up the Technorati ladder by about 2,000,000 rankings. Yes, you read that correctly, 2,000,000.

When i first submitted the empty blog to technorati a couple of days ago, it was ranked something like . Now its ranked 1,174,059. With only 3 posts prior to this one. Crazy innit?

So how did it happen?
My Technorati page will give it away... And while you're there, will you be kind enough to add me to your favorites? Thanks!

Well, all I can say is that it was not intentional, but good Karma always reciprocates.

I am sure all blogs move up massively in terms of ranking once they put in a few quality posts, but i was highly surprised because there were only 3 posts on the blog and 2 of them were about me.

I'd love to hear what you think about this - Is this exceptional, or am I just being my normal self and over-reacting to an everyday occurrence. I'd love to hear about it from you.

PS: Click on the post title and you'll notice how I managed to integrate the comments page with the post - unusual for blogger. Thanks Jack.

What everyone ought to know about the term - hacking

[Image Source]

A freckly faced 12 year old hacks into an alien warship's database and saves the planet...

This is the general conception that most people have of the term -hacking. It couldn't be less true.
The term hack was originally meant to be used as a verb for "messing about", but the perception of the term in the minds of people has changed as time has gone by.Technically, a hacker is someone who is enthusiastic about computer programming and all things relating to the technical workings of a computer. Under such a definition, I would gladly brand myself a hacker.

For me it is about finding various hidden tweaks and chocolate eggs in the software which some people might not be able to find/see/understand.

So you succesfuly got through the anti-pr*n software that your dad installed, or did you beat your school computer which prevents social-networking sites? Congrats, you are a hacker!
These is exactly the sort of things I am going to show you how at EasyHacks.

Legal BS: I do not prescribe to either of the above...

About Me and EasyHacks


I am Samip, an 18 something engineering student from India. Adjectives that would best describe me are - headstrong, inquisitive, easily influenced and plain happy. My passions include football (soccer), interests include - many things - which will (thankfully) not be listed here.

I have been toying around with computers since the days MS-DOS operated systems and Pentium 80486 processors and it'd be fair to say that I have learnt quite a lot. I can code in BASIC, Pascal, MS Excel, HTML, C and C++. I know it’s not too impressive, but I am in a constant process of learning, evolving and bettering myself.

I am an avid reader and having 100 + RSS Feeds a in your reader and reading most of them makes you come across a lot of information. Being stubbornly headstrong and overtly boisterous always prompted me to think, "Hey, I could have done that better". So I thought I’d share it with you to see how much I really know. This is my attempt at the same.

There are so many blogs in the blogosphere. Many have funky graphics and cool designs, but they fail to deliver when it comes to quality content. Original content and a fresh perspective, sans adsense, is what you will find here.

You can subscribe to my full RSS feed: You have two options:

1. Don’t click here, don’t subscribe and end up burning in hell with me.


2. Click there and subscribe - I'll ask god to allocate 4 bytes of memory in heaven for you.

Currently I am not making any effort to make money from this blog. EasyHacks is purely based on the joy I get out of sharing, my passion of mutual development and as an outlet for my creative energy.
Or you could say that I'm not having ads because I have just begun, and consequently have no *bleep*ing traffic. Haha.

Thats it. Hope you have a good time here.You can click here to send me a quick email, or do it manually by sending it to shypys[at]

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