What everyone ought to know about the term - hacking

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A freckly faced 12 year old hacks into an alien warship's database and saves the planet...

This is the general conception that most people have of the term -hacking. It couldn't be less true.
The term hack was originally meant to be used as a verb for "messing about", but the perception of the term in the minds of people has changed as time has gone by.Technically, a hacker is someone who is enthusiastic about computer programming and all things relating to the technical workings of a computer. Under such a definition, I would gladly brand myself a hacker.

For me it is about finding various hidden tweaks and chocolate eggs in the software which some people might not be able to find/see/understand.

So you succesfuly got through the anti-pr*n software that your dad installed, or did you beat your school computer which prevents social-networking sites? Congrats, you are a hacker!
These is exactly the sort of things I am going to show you how at EasyHacks.

Legal BS: I do not prescribe to either of the above...